​Hellenic Radio was founded in 1995 by a group of members of the Hellenic Community who were broadcasting programmes through the medium of the Portuguese radio station at the time. The station was formulated with the support of the community structures as a section 21. company in terms of the broadcasting requirements.

The New Pan-Hellenic Voice began broadcasting on the 828mw frequency and enjoyed a vast listener ship over a large area of Hellenes. Unfortunately the frequency was changed by the broadcasting authorities to the 1422mw range which resulted in a sharp decline in listener ship.

The reduction in listener ship had a huge effect on the income earning ability of the station and thus became mainly reliant on advertising income, versus the ability to collect membership fees from its members.

In 2001, the station underwent a huge transformation where the memorandum and articles of association were amended in consultation with ICASA to accommodate new checks and balances and to ensure that the community radio station operated in the bounds of good governance and in terms of the broadcasting regulations.

Whilst the station’s ability to raise a large membership in the corporate structure is hindered, listener ship has continued to grow and the support of the station within the Hellenic community is now solid.

Hellenic Radio programmes:

  • News and current affairs
  • Variety of musical programmes
  • Factual Programmes
  • Theatre & Cinema
  • Live link-ups with stations in Greece and Cyprus
  • Religious Programmes
  • Educational Programmes
  • Social Welfare Programmes

The station being a community based station offers its services to Hellenes, Hellenic organizations and the Greek Orthodox Church faithful. In addition the station is in the forefront of:

  • Philanthropic fund raising activities
  • Community fund raisers
  • A very successful blood drive
  • The Tsunami Relief Fund for Asia
  • Differently Abled Initiative

The future is dedicated towards improving the current formulae and sustaining the communication needs of our community. The youth is being encouraged to become involved at all levels of organization and activities.

Hellenic Radio is dedicated to the improvement of relations and the wellbeing of South Africa’s Hellenes. The station is South African, upholding the social, cultural and religious aspiration of Hellenes.

The renewal of the license is a vital and necessary requirement for our community.