Hellenic Radio broadcasting on 1422 medium wave, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week from our studios based in Johannesburg, Gauteng, we are especially proud of our commitment to excellence which is reflected in our programmes.

Radio programming today is not directed to a wide audience but to specific segments and radio industry leaders are conscientiously aiming for a smaller and more specialised niche market. Our programmes include news, sports, financial/economic updates, factual programmes, health issues, dedication shows with music from the old traditional favourites to the latest and most modern music.

Hellenic Radio caters to a niche market. Bearing this in mind it makes sense for an advertiser to target a specific consumer because reaching that consumer becomes more valuable than trying to reach every potential buyer. We are the most targeted, flexible, cost-effective, image-building medium available today.

Today’s advertisers should be sensitive to ethnic-oriented cultures and realize that the standard and general media advertising patterns, may not always be the most effective in reaching an ethnic community. In conclusion, when different cultures are addressed in the language of their roots, an emotional chord is struck and a positive bond is created which can serve as a major tool.